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YOU ARE GREAT! We believe that so many of us have potential and they need help reaching it. We help you take charge of your own development and offer you all the insights you need to achieve your goals.


Our application offers you the possibility of self-assessment through answers to in app questionnaires and the possibility to ground your results by asking people in your network to offer you feedback on the same quest.


Our mission is simple: Insights For You is a mobile application to help users take charge of their own professional development with the help of self-assessment and feedback from people in their network.​

360 Feedback App

Our Surveys

Insights For You Mobile App offers you a variety of surveys that can help you get feedback and grow as a professional.


You can start your Insights For You experience by sampling our free leadership framework to find out how good you are at displaying your leadership qualities at the workplace.


Here you can read more information about all the creative frameworks and decide which survey you will pick next to help you get feedback and take charge of your own development.

All the new surveys can be purchased in the App for only 2 €.

Download Sample Surveys For All Frameworks


Want to motivate and inspire people? Then our Leadership survey can point out how to improve your leadership qualities and embrace development. Take our free survey to find out how good you are at showcasing your leadership skills at work. You can ask for feedback and find out more about your strengths in: Setting Direction, Communication Practices, Ensuring Engagement, Personal Leadership Style, Giving Feedback and Follow Up Activities.



Learn how to empower yourself. Take charge of your own professional development with the help of self-assessment and feedback from people in your network.
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