The Instant 360 is here!

Giving and receiving valuable feedback has just become even easier. You can now reap the benefits of the 360° methodology mixed with the swiftness of the pulse survey approach.


Our version of the traditional pulse survey is named Instant 360 and can be used frequently to calibrate your self-assessment of strengths and development areas with the feedback from your manager, colleagues, team and other contacts.

By extracting a few vital behavioural traits and measuring them regularly through the app you can actually see your personal development unfold before you. Take action on the feedback, put it in practice and measure again to follow your professional journey.


The individual feedback is of course essential for you as an individual, but by aggregating it, it evolves into more than just measurement – it becomes part of the organisational insights that drive action - and, to take it one step further, the combined actions of an organisation contribute to actual real change - change that should go hand in hand with your strategic goals.

Turning feedback into insights and actions that support your strategy has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about the Instant 360 approach.

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