Cultr and Insights For You partner up to offer successful cultural transformation

Cultr and Insights For You have partnered up to offer an integrated solution that will enable companies to manage their cultural transformations from understanding needs to nudging new behaviours. All this with an approach that focuses on data and action, which both are essential for successful transformation.

Insights For You provides organizations with tools to identify behavior based strengths, development gaps as well as individual and team-based development plans. Cultr engages employees and co-creates culture through an award-winning solution to turn principles and plans into massive action.

Combined, Insights For You and Cultr, offer organizations an accessible, scalable and app-based solution that places people and action at the center of transformation, even when organisations are organized remotely. The two companies have merged their engagement processes to be able to fully support clients throughout the transformation processes and beyond.

“We are delighted with this partnership, as we tackle two related needs with a scalable, bottom up approach that focuses on people and real action” says Michael Daun, CEO of Cultr.

“In an era where successful transformation requires new methods and tools, we believe that data-based action is the only recipe for success. We can provide that.” continues Christian Lindholm, CEO of Insights For You.

For more information on Insights For You and Cultr, please see their respective websites at and or contact: Christian Lindholm,, +46 730 334407 Michael Daun,, +32 479 978500

__________ Cultr is an award-winning app for engaging employees and co-creating company culture. Cultr is used by leading companies to turn principles and plans into massive action. Cultr activates people and leaders in organizations by using peer-to-peer social nudging. Challenges and mini-missions nudge people to action and create an authentic view of the workplace culture and the actions that manifest it. Cultr can be customized for any objective, and can be used for short events, to energize existing change projects, or as an ongoing culture platform.

Insights For You uses self-assessment data in combination with feedback from colleagues, to help professionals and organizations reach their full potential. The perfect work environment where people are motivated and optimally engaged is a rare and valuable achievement. By using years of experience, in collaboration with approximately 3 000 leaders around the world, the Insights For You app was developed, a tool that fosters understanding to increase motivation and self-drive.

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