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Bill Gates
We all need 
who will give us 
That’s how 
we improve.

About Us

Empower yourself and the people around you!

We brought together technology, data science and organisational communication to make sure you can get the feedback you need, when you need it. 
Getting feedback is now simple and reliable by using Insights For You Mobile App.

Our Story

Years of Commitment to Communication, Leadership and Engagement


The concept of Insights For You has been developed through years of experience, of collaboration with approximately 3000 leaders across the world, and learning that the perfect work environment, where people can reach their full potential, is a rare and valuable achievement. We discovered that a bright idea always needs dedicated people to achieve it. The more motivated people get, the more likely they are to reach their goals in a sustainable way.

Feedback is 
the breakfast of 
Ken Blanchard
Dreams don’t work unless you do.
Start today
John C. Maxwell

Our Vision

Making Feedback Easy


YOU ARE GREAT! We believe that so many of us have potential but need help reaching it. We help you take charge of your own development and offer you all the insights you need to achieve your goals.


Our application offers you the possibility of self-assessment through answers to in App questionnaires and the possibility to ground your results by asking people in your network to offer you feedback on the same quest.

Corporate App

How can we help your business grow?

Engage your employees in self development with the help of 360 feedback. Strengthen your organisation by diagnosing your communication patterns.


The Corporate App Solution makes feedback easy and reliable. Choose from a range of standard statements to build your own 360 degree questionnaire or alternatively we have a selection of ready to use questionnaires available.

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We Make Feedback Simple and Reliable


Insights For You can help you with:

insights for you, feedback, motivation
Strengthen your motivation.

By asking the right questions, Insights For You can diagnose your communication patterns and motivate self-improvement through powerful analytics and action planning.

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We’ve eliminated biases when giving and receiving feedback by focusing on development rather than individual assessments. Learn how feedback will benefit yourself and your organisation.

insights for you, feedback, self assessment
Self Assessment

Identify your weaknesses and strengths. Insights For You highlights your current needs and makes way for new goals and self actualization.

Create chances for reflection and feedback at every step.

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